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Delorean jewellery 

The trading name Deloreanjewellery comes from my early beginnings, copying what I learnt from watching my metalwork teacher and using my fathers glass blowing torch, and my brothers G.P.O tools in my parents garage I made my first gold signet ring at the age of 16 using cuttlefish bone  (old egyptian technique) and some old sentimental jewellery (borrowed from my Mum) which my brother proudly wore as his wedding ring, having first experimented and tried a dozen or more times using (wait for it) mums silver spoons, "SORRY MUM" we also made lots of ashtrays from her records and fruit bowls from her Beatles albums ( oop's )

If you remember the original Coca-Cola neon sign in Piccadilly, my father made most of it. He was a neon bender / glass blower

My early experiences were of making mainly silver signet rings in my fathers garage, now due to high gold prices I am once again producing silver signet rings along with 9ct & 18ct gold and my latest experience is learning and using futuristic laser engraving technology. No sonic screwdriver yet ! , 2018 after shattering my right shoulder blade I am 3D printing master patterns as well.

Hence I have gone "Back to the future" hence the Delorean name from the Delorean car in the films, now proudly part of my family emblem.

 I have continued casting one signet ring at a time therefore providing an option of using your own sentimental gold for signet rings hence oldsentimental.co.uk is another url you may have come across which is linked to a page within this website offering the service, also jewelleryhandmade.com

Joking aside, aged  63 , called Vivian & now having Arthritis my wife calls me Victor Meldrew, I tend to make light of things but I do take my work seriously! Thanks to technology I should be able to tavel to work after Christmas on my hover board as it is so close to home.

" I ONLY WORK WHEN THE SUN DON'T SHINE " Please note neither The Tardis nor the Delorean are operational, so allow adequate time !

Long gone are the days when I needed to work 6 days a week or 10 hour days, now semi retired " I work to live, I DO NOT live to work "

Please DO NOT ASK TO COME TO MY WORKSHOP , the answer will be no, and NO often offends !

Under no circumstances what so ever will i ever allow clients to come to my workshop, it would not be safe , i don't work with an audience , and i am not giving away my trade secrets , If however someone would like to pay me £150,000-00 for my business they will receive all my machinery , master patterns and moulds, a small amount of stock , and 4 weeks  training after payment has cleared in my bank & their workshop is set up.

You will also receive all of the graphics, and project files along with my engraving machine , hundreds of hours of programming , you will have an instant collection of stock designs , crest's, Coats Of Arms and Masonic symbols on its own a valuable asset for any jewellery business.

Continual telephone support for as long as necessary , allowing for poor telephone reception as i will then retire to my boat travelling the waterways of England. I will however continue producing vector graphics designs & laser useable project files for anyone requiring my services.

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